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Drug addiction and alcohol addiction is a massive problem and most of the youth of this generation is grappling with this problem. The sad news is that there is no hard and fast method which can help to get rid of such deadly addiction within very less time. Rehab centers are not the place which everyone can afford. Thanks to the scientists who have today successfully discovered a natural plant of the African origin called Ibogaine which is considered a remedy for all the diseases in Africa. It is actually called to be a sacred plant in Africa whose qualities and curing qualities has crossed the boundaries of that nation. Ibogaine or Iboga for sale is available online. You can buy Ibogaine at an affordable price a sit is available online today. The happy news is that the plant is not the only form in which it is sold. Capsules, powder, gel and many other forms of the plant is available, None of the forms will at all sacrifice the therapeutic properties that the plant has. It is regarding customers ease that so many forms of the plant have been made available. One can consume it in the form that suits an can reap the benefits of the plant product which is no less than a boon


The plant


Iboga – is a perennial rainforest shrub endemic to western Central Africa (Gabon, Cameroon, Congo). Iboga usually grows to a height of 2m but given the right conditions it can grow into a small tree up to 10m tall. It has small green leaves 9 to 10cm long and 3cm wide. Sometimes it’s possible to come across a larger specimen of the plant with leaves growing up to 21cm long and 7cm wide. The flowers of Iboga are tubular white and pink and the fruits are of orange color and can be both oval-shaped and elongated or have a spherical shape containing 20 to 30 small brown seeds.


 the effects of ibogaine into three phases: 


Acute – This phase starts within one to three hours, and may last for anything from four to eight hours. People typically experience "a panoramic readout of long-term memory" and "visions” or “waking dream” states."


Evaluative – This phase typically starts between four to eight hours after ingestion, and may last for eight to 20 hours. "The emotional tone of this phase is generally described as neutral and reflective. Attention is still focused on inner subjective experience rather than the external."


Residual stimulation – Starting after anything from 12 to 24 hours after ingestion, this phase usually lasts for more than three days. The intensity of the subjective psychoactive experience lessens in this period, as the person slowly returns to normal. Trouble sleeping is often reported in this time.


The Aftermath


 Following the experience, the iboga is still working on you, it is highly lipophilic so hangs around in body tissues, gradually being released and converted into noribogaine by the liver. Ibogaine causes a long term increase in the expression of a protein called glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) a neuroprotective agent that also induces neuronal sprouting. This aspect of long term effects makes iboga unique. Thus taking other drugs in the months after the experience will interfere with this process.


Cannabis may be an exception to this, and has long been used in association with iboga in central Africa. Alcohol is safe but will reduce the healing influence of the iboga. Some people have used ayahuasca and kambo in the months afterwards and reported positive synergistic healing effects.


 After the experience healthy eating, regular exercise, exposure to sunlight and nature will all augment and work with the healing and help ground one. Some people can feel quite blank in the days following a flood but this is normal as behaviour patterns and desires have been wiped clean, but this is temporary phase, and it can take a few days to really soar after an iboga experience.


 If people are using iboga to treat addiction or change negative behaviour patterns, it is very important to enact life change prior to the experience, as this will help you get more from the experience, and make it easier to keep on a new path following the session. Iboga is not a panacea or magic bullet, it can only show you the door, and it is up to you to walk through it.


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ibogaine treatment centers in the united states reports that, Ibogaine acts as a moderate stimulant whilst taking in small doses. However, whilst they're taken in massive doses, it could result in a excessive psychedelic state.
Research indicates that massive doses reduces opiate withdrawal symptoms, and may assist with substance-associated cravings.

Most people, with substance use addiction, have used massive doses of Ibogaine to lessen opiates withdrawal and substance-associated cravings. In maximum cases, the
impact of Ibogaine remedy for addictions is short-lived, or even whilst successful, the protection and long-lasting impact of this remedy is questioned. Most of the
recorded research on human beings have proven excessive facet effects, including; unexplained loss of life after remedy, which can be connected to using Ibogaine for

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