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Fitting Double Electrics To My Gv Towbar

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#1 Shandy123


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Posted 24 July 2017 - 12:51 PM

I've ordered a towbar, which should arrive this week.
Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282517284721

I'm confident with fitting the bar itself,but not sure about how to fit the electrics. It's an '04 2.5 diesel ltd, if that makes any odds?
The supplier of the bar says I don't need their bypass module, so it's just a question of: where do I 'plug it in' or splice it, or whatever, and where do I run the wiring, and how/where do I attach it? Cable ties?
All help appreciated

#2 mikebh8


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Posted 28 July 2017 - 10:52 AM

Hi, the tow bar wiring would come as a standard colour code, the "positive bulb wire" would be the one in the middle of the bulb casing.

To find which wire is which, there are two stages:



-First you will find useful having someone inside the car operating the switches( you can do it alone too but it's easier), with a multi meter switched to 12v, connect one probe to the middle pin of the required bulb ( make sure you write down the colour and the function of them as you identify them) and the other probe attach it firmly to the body ( find a bolt or a part that is not painted, or scratch a bit of the paint with the probe), while the probes connected turn the desired switch on and off few times to make sure is the one.


- second, with the multi meter switched to ohm function, connect one probe to the required pin( tail light disconnected from the car's wiring) and the other one pass it over the pins on the plug ( from the tail light), this will tell you which one is which.

to make it clearer, on the paper, you should have something like: pin 1( from the plug) = indicator ( just an example)


On my tail light( left side, assuming yours is the same) are as fallow:

with the plug's small holding bracket( for the wires connector) upwards, the brake light upwards


pin 1=earth for brake/side light, indicator, reverse

pin 2= indicator

pin 3= brake/side light lower pin for brake

pin 4= reverse light ( not need it for towing as the tow bar wiring does not come with it...that's because in theory reversing when towed should be assisted...)

pin 5= negative fog light

pin 6= higher brake/side light for side light and fog light

These being said, the wiring should go something like this:



yellow-left hand indicator connected to the positive bulb wire pin 2

blue-fog light connected to negative wire pin 5

black--left hand side light ( the one that is on when the lights are turned on) pin 6

white-earth connected to the earth of the tail light pin 1

green- right side indicator check with multi meter but it should be pin two on the right side tail

brown- right side side light ( again check first) pin 6

red- brake lights pin 3


To make the connections, FIRST thing first disconnect the battery, then:

I personally use the splitting of the multi core and pass the new wire through and roll it around the bare core, some electrical tape and a small cable tie to hold the tape.

A better way, if you have access to what's need it, is to use " heat shrink cable sleeve", solder the wires together and then for mechanical protection to use some electrical tape held by a cable tie.

What I don't recommend is the quick splice connectors, if the tow bar is new ( I couldn't find it on the link provided) the seller most likely will send those too.


Before sealing the connections permanently, check everything works as it should, if for some reason any of the lights are not working anymore, check the fuses and disconnect the wires for that function rechecking that is all in place. 

If the tow bar comes with two sockets, the second one is for a caravan's inside electrics( like fridge or heater...so the meet is kept cold while driving?!?!?!!). Is meant to be connected to 12v permanent, from customers' feedback over the years I found out that this option has a bad point, it discharges the battery as it's draining power from the supply constantly. If you want to connect it, I suggest you put it on the ignition, so it works only when the key is turned on into the ignition.

That's it, it looks like difficult but it's really not


Hope it helps.

#3 mikebh8


    Jack of all trades...still learning

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Posted 29 July 2017 - 05:51 AM

It just came in my mind, if you don't already have something to tow...to test the socket I bought this:


Or a trailer board.
Hope it helps.

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