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  • mikeh%s's Photo
    mikeh has started Ex Jeep Owner May Be Going Down The 300C Road. in Newbie Forum.
     Good afternoon, I am not yet a 300c owner but though I would join your ranks to get an owners perspective of the car. A couple of years ago I was landed with a Grand Cherokee ,it was a bit of...
  • mikeh%s's Photo
    mikeh has started Ex Jeep Owner May Be Going Down The 300C Road. in Newbie Forum.
     Good afternoon, I am not yet a 300c owner but though I would join your ranks to get an owners perspective of the car. A couple of years ago I was landed with a Grand Cherokee ,it was a bit of...
  • sibbles68%s's Photo
    sibbles68 has started Chrysler Pt Cruiser 2002 For Sale in Classifieds.
    Chrysler PT Cruiser   2002 Petrol 2.0L Automatic 5 doors CRUISER TOURING Hatchback   Colour: Blue Mileage: 55k tbc   New gear box 5yrs ago, new upholstery 2 yrs ago.  ...
  • RichardM%s's Photo
    RichardM has started Paint Protection - Ptfe Coating in Voyager 4th Generation (2001-2007).
    Having a fair bit of time on my hands recently I decided to apply a PTFE coating to my dreaded Black Pearlescent Voyager. Black is beautiful if you clean it and leave it in your garage (my garage...
  • PaulG65%s's Photo
    PaulG65 has started Sat Nav In Wrong Place in Chrysler Delta.
    My car has recently gone over 100,000 miles- it's a 2.0 M-J, it's had a new battery recently replaced and in the last 1,000 miles firstly the bluetooth phone connection has stopped working, the TPM...
    • alfaspud

      10 miles doesn't sound too bad  :D

      Mine is out by at least 100km - I was driving in the Irish sea for a while - I think the GPS aerial is the problem with mine - no satellites found


      I have the same issue with the tyre pressure system - especially on cold mornings, I usually get a warning for 1 or 2 tyres - read somewhere that the batteries in the sensors may be running down

      No problems with the bluetooth so far

  • PaulG65%s's Photo
    PaulG65 has started Bluetooth Phone Recognition No Longer Working in Chrysler Delta.
    Hi there,   This is my first post despite having the car for 2.5 years. The steering wheel controls for the bluetooth phone system no longer work, yet all other controls on it do so now it w...
    • MikeyRules

      Thanks Mikey, I will look into it tomorrow.

      It just seems strange that everything has happened all at once since the new battery was fitted, or perhaps it just doesn't like exceeding six figures on the mileometer!

      Sorry Paul meant to mention that plugging the Bluetooth in before the power cables go back in might also help. They can get upset quite easily so this reboot might help re-set it.

    • kapetanikolas

      It seems to be a recurrent problem. When I went to see  the car before buying it the seller offered a discount because Bluetooth did not work. However, when he connected it to the computer for diagnostics, Blue and me magically came back. I bought the car and managed to link both my wife's telephone and mine. 3 months later connection was again lost, but it only lasted for a week or so, then it came back on its own.


      Having said this, I must confess that I don't like it at all. The menus are too hard to navigate. And has it happened to you to accidentally call a number? almost impossible to stop it. Plus you need to have the radio on all the time for it to work.

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    mbololo has started @limpopo Suppliers Of Ssd Chemical/activation Powder+27660432483 In South Africa in Newbie Forum.
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  • mbololo%s's Photo
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  • mbololo%s's Photo
    mbololo has started (Tenders) 2020/2021 Government/private Tenders +27660432483 In Uganda,sudan in Newbie Forum.
    (TENDERS) 2020/2021 GOVERNMENT/PRIVATE TENDERS +27660432483 IN   UGANDA,SUDAN, There are various ways in which you can win success in a tender. The first and foremost thing that is requ...
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  • mbololo%s's Photo
    mbololo has started +27660432483 @mpumalanga,limpopo Ssd Chemical Solution In South Africa in Newbie Forum.
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  • mbololo%s's Photo
    mbololo has started 100% Activation Powder & Ssd Chemical Solution +27660432483 In Uk,kuwait, in Newbie Forum.
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    mbololo has started @mpumalanga Best Ssd Chemical Solution Suppliers +27660432483 In South Africa in Newbie Forum.
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  • daveg%s's Photo
    daveg has started Central Locking in Newbie Forum.
    hi i have a 2007 grand voyager which ive owned for last 6 months . i aquired this car with out key fob . the central locking works on switch but was wondering if i could put a universal keyless ent...
    • bignev

      Hi there, clearly not right now but if you acquire a 2nd hand remote fob for it, that can be coded into your car by a mobile AUTO locksmith.


      If you have a search on here there will be a couple of results where we've discussed it.


      As I've said previously on here I was told that it was a main dealer only job, well they've gone anyway, but no it isn't. I had one coded into ours.


      Then the electric sliding doors and tailgate (assuming yours is a Ltd or Ltd XS and you have them) will also operate from the fob. Buy 2 then you'll have a spare!

  • JohnG%s's Photo
    JohnG has started Chrysler Sebring Exhaust in Classifieds.
    Hi, new to to the forum, was wondering if anyone could help me locate somewhere I could purchase a rear exhaust system for 2009 2.4 limited saloon. usual tyre and exhaust fitting centres seem una...
  • WinkleBill%s's Photo
    WinkleBill has started Desperate, Suicidal, Disillusioned Newbie in Chrysler 300c.
    I have a 300c (2007)  I parked the car up for several months and the battery drained. I jump started it and it drove fine except I now had three orange lights on, ABS, ESP/BAS and traction con...
    • pat96

      i have a post on this as well. 2010 300c running in limp mode .

      no lights on dash though, but the fault cannot be cleared.

      car stood for a year, while previous owner was in hospital. . we had to replace battery ,car ran ok for a couple of months then i've had one problem after another. previous owner had no probs...it was used everyday..

      latest fault is torque lock solenoid , which has been replaced, but still showing fault.

      can't go to garage because of this virus thing  that's going on ..so i've disconnected battery till i can get it done.

      know how your'e feeling ....best of luck

    • WinkleBill

      Hi pat69,


      I feel your pain... They are such a lovely car to own and to drive, but I guess like all beautiful ladies they come with a lot of issues lol..

            I have resolved the issues with the cooling fans and temp gauge which appears to have been a dodgy solenoid.. I've removed all of the old ABS speed sensors and I am waiting on the new ones arriving (should be here Monday).

      I'm not expecting them to resolve the issue but if I do end up having to take it to the stealers at least it'll be one more thing they can't sting me for..


      This Covid19 has a lot to answer for but the main thing is that we all stay safe and well


      Good luck with yours pal and fingers crossed we'll both be driving them again in the near future

  • Dazzer%s's Photo
    Dazzer has started Rear Self Leveling Shock Absorbers in Voyager 4th Generation (2001-2007).
    Hi guys I hope everyone is well. I got some banging from my rear shock and I found out they are self leveling and very expensive does anyone know where I can get some or I might need to get some...
  • pokerwork%s's Photo
    pokerwork has started Headlamp Adjustment in Chrysler Delta.
    I've just had the knuckle skinning experience of changing a dipped beam bulb on the Delta and the previous post on bulb changing was very useful. Mirror essential to work out how that clip works!...
    • Nello

      Have always thought the performance of the OE Delta headlights/bulbs are remarkably good.

    • Andrewgrale

      Have always thought the performance of the OE Delta headlights/bulbs are remarkably good.

  • Jeffo%s's Photo
    Jeffo has started Hey, No Haynes For Us? Is There Any Other Manual? in Voyager 4th Generation (2001-2007).
    Title says it all really. Have 2.8 gv crd 2006. Is there another vehicle with the same engine that has a manual?
  • Sentech%s's Photo
    Sentech has started Window Stopped Working in Voyager 4th Generation (2001-2007).
    My passenger window has stopped working and the other is slow going up.   Anybody got a wiring diagram and a simple method to get to the motors ?   TIA   Chris
  • Hiyabusa%s's Photo
    Hiyabusa has started 300C 2008 Dab Install in Newbie Forum.
    Hi All A newbie from Birmingham UK, 300C SRT 08 model owner.  I want to install a dab and looking to keep the Boston Premium as standard, has anyone fiited a Alpine EZI DAB or similar? I al...
  • Peterianson%s's Photo
    Peterianson has started Drivers Electric Window in Voyager 4th Generation (2001-2007).
    I have a 2003 grand tourer with a broken electric motor can anyone advise neon the best way? to mend it
    • QinteQ
      Have you tested, or just assumed the motor/limiter/BCM/wiring ?

      I had this recently. Tested all couldn't figure it. Took it to the usual [Lance] cheepo local car wash and he squirted vertical down. Dozens of black 15 year accumulated carbon platelets sheered off the inside of the horizontal window rubbers. Shockin' two piggin months looking in wrong place.

      Best of luck.
  • Jeffo%s's Photo
    Jeffo has started How Far Can My Voyager Be Towed? in Newbie Forum.
    Hi folks I have just bought a gv 2.8auto. It's a long way from home but searching locally has not been fruitful. How far is it safe to tow it for the sake of the auto box? My last auto specified 3...
    • Jeffo
      I have got it home. The answer if anyone else needs it is 100 miles. This is due to the lack of lubricant and not the gearbox overheating or burning clutches. I travelled 250 miles. There was plenty of stopping and driving it mixed into the trip
  • harris266%s's Photo
    harris266 has started Whistling Noise On Hard Acceleration in Voyager 4th Generation (2001-2007).
    Hi all. Ive got a 2008 chrysler grand voyager 2.8 crd. It has a whistling noise when the turbo kicks in. At first i thought it was the turbo and so went through the painful task of replacing it. O...
    • gordy
      Whistling noise about an engine usually tells you that there is an air leak, or in this case a charge air leak between the turbo and cylinder head inlet port. Some people my tell you otherwise that whistling means turbo is working properly so it whistles, well. A little info on HST power cars, when the driver opens it up for go power, the engine revs increase as does the turbo. At or near top Turbo speed the vanes go through sound barrier which makes the whistle. But the whistle comes up through the big silencer on the roof and out in this case.
      So look for the leak in your manifold and hoses.
  • briang%s's Photo
    briang has started Electric Mirrors Fold In When I Put Caravan Extension Mirrors On in Newbie Forum.
    hi gang , i have a 300c cdr with electric folding mirrors and when i put on my mirror extensions and get up to about 35 mph they fold in , is there any way to stop this happening without putting bu...
  • maxcaddy%s's Photo
    maxcaddy has started Engine Drain in Voyager 4th Generation (2001-2007).
    Is there a coolant drain point on the 2.8 CRD engine ?.   I've had a look but can't see one, although I would have thought there would be one fitted somewhere. Trying to do anything down the...
    • maxcaddy

      Yeah totally agree with all the Stow n Go benefits, it's the question what to get next short of a small panel van with windows. One of the benefits I've gained from having S&G is that it takes full 2.4 x 1.2 sheets of plasterboard/OSB. Although not so good in France as their's are 2.5 x 1.2 which means the seats are pushed forward, and the tailgate can't be shut  :angry:. That said, at just over 5M, I have to pay extra on the Ferries  :( .

    • QinteQ
      An 08+ is better gearbox. I'm 31+mpg hill+dale winter+summer and infrequent use so happy to have this very "lucky" purchase for 15 the reliable year. The end of any turn of the card is always LUCK.

      5th gen began around 08 and ran to 16 on CRD I think. Pentastar on an RT plat. I thought at the time even if I wanted and could afford one I'd stay clear and stick with CRD engine.and gearbox regardless of EU/UK greening.

      I wish for your regardless of type/brand/ etc choice the very best of luck.
  • mckeown%s's Photo
    mckeown has started 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible Windscreen in Classifieds.
    Anyone got a 2008 Sebring convertible windscreen ? thanks, Andy
  • Allyboy58%s's Photo
    Allyboy58 has started Paint Code in Newbie Forum.
    Hi Folks,              I've got a 2009 Sebring. I'm trying to find the paint code to do some touch ups. I suspect the colour might be Br...
    • briang

      it could be inside the door jam as a code sticker  , it might say int color . or ext color with a code like YR524M , or something like that  or go and as at the main dealership they have a list of codes 

  • EDDI160783%s's Photo
    EDDI160783 has started Hi Guys in Newbie Forum.
    Hi guys,   New here joined yesterday just bought my 2nd Neon R/T last week.   Had a string of Mopar,s mostly jeeps (Cherokee,s and Grand Cherokee,s ) a Dodge Ram and a couple of neon,...
  • WitchesWagon%s's Photo
    WitchesWagon has started Hi, Newbie Forum in Newbie Forum.
    Can anyone help with tyre pressure sencers...system keeps saying check them then after a while resets itself.
    • briang

      i found that if the tyres were just a bit under inflated you get the Warning,,,,,,,  you can buy new censers but if yours are working ok then just ensure thy are not low on pressure